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Ford Mustang a vendre

Ford Mustang - Chevrolet Corvette

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Mustang and Co is above all a passion for the legendary Mustang and Corvette. Our Mustang and Corvette come mostly from Southern California.

They were selected with the utmost rigor by our agent in California.

  • Our cars have been checked by a professional.
  • A detailed report on the state of the vehicle (+30 control check points), accompanies each of our Mustang / Corvette.
  • The repair and/or the replacement of the defected items are done in our shop before the delivery of the vehicle.
  • Check our catalog: Mustang - Corvette for sale
Mustang And Co Mustang And Co Mustang And Co Mustang And co
All our vehicles are visible in our show room located at 1480 Saintes; 374 Chaussée d'Enghien:

If you don’t find the Mustang of your dreams in our catalog:

With your approval, we can launch the process to find at the best price, your future Mustang with the help of our agent in the US. (For more details, please see our services)

Delivery of vehicles to your address.

(For more details, please see our services)